If you're looking for a small wallet that's easy to slip into your pocket, look no further!  The overall style calls out to simplicity, yet it's attractive and practical to use. Minimalistic design, lightweight and smallish size make it perfect for everyday carry. 


Horizon wallet features 3 pockets and can easily fit 5 cards or 4 cards and a small number of bills.

It is made of Italian vegetable-tanned Maremma leather from Conceria Puccini in deep blue color. This leather is treated with oils and waxes, it is pretty dense, smooth, and has a semi-gloss finish. Card wallet is hand-stitched with a tan color waxed thread. This wallet was made from a part of a hide with minor color inconsistencies on it. It will age gracefully,  absorbing traces of your life. 



Length: 10.2cm (4 1/32in)

Width: 6.5 cm (2 9/16in)

Thickness: 5-6mm 

Weight: 25-27 g.

Edges: burnished with a wax compound

Blue horizon

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