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Olive green alligator leather watchband with matching border stitching

Olive predator

SKU: 38OP20
  • Exotic leather straps collection was created for people with an adventurous soul. No matter what you go for: scales or tiles - the pattern is always rich and unique, attracting a tonne of attention and compliments. Choosing exotic leather strap you are getting durability, style and noble look for your watch.

    Genuine alligator leather is pretty much a gold standard in exotic leather and one of the most well recognized among them. It surpasses all the rest to take the top spot at the most luxurious hide on the market of leather watch straps. Beloved by connoisseurs for its exceptional softness and flexibility, classy pattern and durability, this leather is not in risk of going out of style. 
    The lack of calcium in the skin leaves the tanned hide incredibly soft, with a butter-like suppleness. This allows alligator skin to bend easily without cracking, creasing, ruining its unique pattern. This softness directly contributes to the feel of the finished watch band, helping to make a product that’s as comfortable to wear as it is beautiful.

    This strap is made out of high-quality genuine alligator leather in olive green color. The strap is sewn with matching color waxed thread. The uniqueness of the pattern can leave no one indifferent! Except for being eye-catching candy, this leather is well known for its durability. With a bit of love and care, this strap may serve you for decades.

    The strap has a matte finish to create an even more classy and noble look. 
    Linnen of the strap is made of Italian full-grain undyed cowhide leather. 
    Edges of the strap are hand burnished with Tokonole.

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