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Black leather bund with black stitching. Bund comes without a strap, so you'll have more freedom on playing with color combinations. Stitching color can be customized.


Please note!

It is recommended to use a bund with tapered strap, as the straight one is harder to attach to the bund.

The Bund

SKU: 38BU20
  • The top of the bund is made of the finest full-grain cowhide vegetable-tanned leather in Black color, which is produced in Tuscany, Italy. The leather is firm and smooth with a semi-matte finish.
    The lining is made of undied full-grain cowhide Italian veg tan leather.
    Both kinds of leather have the 1st grade, so they naturally have good quality and with proper use, the bund can last for a lifetime. With years you will love it even more as you will be able to admire gorgeous natural patina, which gives such a lovely vintage look and adds more class and character to the beloved timepiece.

    The bund has hand-burnished edges. Burnishing is a technique of making rough leather edges smooth using Gum Tragacanth and a slicker. As a result - edges are smooth and shiny.

    Bund comes without a strap. You may use it with your own strap, or choose the one on the website.

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5-7 days